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Snowplowing Services

We ask that you be aware of the following:

  • We follow a prepared route to reduce fuel consumption and avoid peak traffic periods. Your driveway will be cleared based on your location and accessibility. We do NOT offer “on–call” snowplowing services.

  • We will snowplow, curb to curb, from your main road, one or more times per storm starting at 2” (5cm) minimum and every 2” (5cm) minimum after, from November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018 (18 weeks).  Plowing excessive amounts of snow at one time causes undue wear and tear on our equipment, resulting in additional maintenance.

  • NO special allowance will be made for time of day. Although, we make every effort to clear driveways before 8:00 am. Priority is given to customers with a contract.

  • We are not responsible for clearing around spaces that contain vehicles.

  • Measurement of total snowfall accumulation will be relied upon by The Weather Network.


Situations which we may deem are not our responsibility:

  • Flooding, storm, wind or cold damages.

  • Damage caused by or to any item hidden in the landscape and not clearly guarded or marked. You must mark all obstacles with reflective stakes and/or tape!

  • Damage due to vandalism.

  • Liability for slip and fall accidents, and any motor vehicle accidents that are a result of refusal of snowplowing service or caused by negligence of pedestrians or motorists.

  • Damage to plantings or concrete surfaces caused by de–icers and/or snowplowing operations. We will exercise due care and caution to avoid damage.


  • We reserve the right to interrupt or delay services during extreme winter conditions for our safety.


  • Invoices are issued at the end of the month. Due upon receipt. Please be sure your email address is up–to–date, and that your filters are set to accept our emails

  • We prefer payments to be made by eTransfer. Please use the last 4–digits of your invoice as the password.

2017–2018 Winter Season